We are taking extra precautions with Health Concerns due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and ensuring that all students will be in a healthy, safe and fun environment.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at: info@ypatc.org or (386) 574-3021.

We are here to meet all your Performing Arts Needs! Let’s keep our kids busy in the Arts!

Welcome to the Youth Performing Arts Training Center!

Our team represents some of the brightest and most enthusiastic instructors from various disciplines of study within the world of the Performing Arts. We encourage all of our students to become the absolute best at their desired craft and discipline. Our class offerings are conducted in a safe (bully-free) environment and are designed with the ‘student experience’ in mind. We promote building self-confidence, allowing each student to grow and express their talent.

Our founder, Nick Pizza, wanted to create a place of opportunity for youth of all ages and backgrounds. We share his vision as a team and truly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to pursue their gifts with access to a quality Performing Arts education – at an affordable price. The heart of our commitment is to provide the best possible experience for each one of our students.


Dance is often referred to as the hidden language of the soul. It is a way of art and performance that utilizes a dancers entire body, as a dancer's body is their instrument.

If your student loves to twirl around the house, do tricks on a trampoline, or dance to Tik-Toks, dance may be the perfect after school activity for them to join!

We have an incredible team of passionate instructors who are ready to help every dancer reach their full potential. We teach multiple styles of dance, including Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Acrobatics in both group classes and private lessons.


Do you or someone you know exhibit any of the following symptoms?

  • Sings in front of a mirror pretending a hairbrush is a microphone

  • Pretends to play “air guitar” during a favorite song

  • Has an interest in playing piano, but never pursued it

  • Listens to music, thinking “I wish I can play like that!”

If any of the above rings true, you need immediate attention. You have been infected with POTENTIAL and we can help!

Our Music Program is unique, offering a plethora of instruments to learn from a fun-filled environment. Feel the difference and see for yourself.



“All the world’s a stage…”

Is the stage calling your name? Are you ready to jump on stage and find the characters you love and those you are in tune with?

Our programs help to answer these questions and assists in guiding each student in the respective field they wish to learn. Whether it is one-on-one private lessons, being a part of an improv troupe, working backstage as a crew member, or being a part of a full-length production we have you covered!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced there is a place for every level here in the Acting and Theatre Department.

Youth Performing Arts Training Center

689 Deltona Blvd. 32725