2-8pm: Private Music Lessons

2-8pm: Private Vocal Lessons


4-5pm: Little’s Musical

5-6pm: Vocal Ensemble


5-7pm: Musical Theatre



2-8pm: Private Lessons, - Ages 5 +

· Private music lessons are for students looking to learn how to play an instrument or enhance their existing skills in a 1-on-1 setting. We offer 30-minute lessons for piano, voice, guitar, violin, ukulele, and drums. In addition to a primary instrument, students will also learn music theory and aural skills. Students may also study multiple instruments. Together, these goals will provide a thorough preparation for performance and continued musical study at any level.

2-8pm: Vocal Lessons, - Ages 6 +

· Private vocal lessons are for students looking to begin or perfect their vocal craft. We offer 30-60-minute vocal lessons with an experienced instructor that will get you where you want to go. Whether you are just beginning and want to sing for fun, getting prepared for a Musical Theatre Audition, setting up for competitions, or wanting to learn to sing professionally there is a place for you here. In addition to learning more about vocal performance students will learn vocal technique, terminology, music theory and aural skills. Students will prepare to perform at recitals to display their progress.


4-5pm: Little’s Musical, - Ages 3-7

· The Little’s Musical is a group class for students with a desire to sing. Students will have specified themes each semester that will help make their engagement in the class more exciting! Students will learn the proper techniques of how to sing, but also learning to gain the confidence to sing up on stage and not be afraid. Students will perform twice a year with a variety of different songs for their families.

6-7pm: Vocal Ensemble, - Must Audition

· The YPATC's vocal ensemble is an auditioned group (4-8 singers) for vocalists looking to enhance their performance skills as a soloist and an ensemble member. The ensemble will meet once a week for an hour, preparing popular repertoire for a variety of local events culminating in a performance at the YPATC at the end of each semester. Through the rehearsal process, students will gain an applied understanding of vocal technique and music theory.


5-7pm: Musical Theatre- (Singing, Acting and Dance)

· This class is designed for students in acting, singing, and dancing. All be rehearsed and performed in this class! For the first hour, the students will be working with a music instructor to learn songs. During the second hour, choreography and acting will be taught. The students will then be able to combine their singing, dancing and acting skills to perform them all at once!